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Boiler finance makes the process of getting a new boiler system for your property much more affordable. With the average boiler in the UK costing on average more than £2,000 including installation, many people are not able to replace their property’s boiler and should anything go wrong, expensive repair bills usually follow. Getting the right finance package that is tailored to covering the costs associated with a new boiler is the difference between quick fixes and long term security and comfort.

Gas Safe work with the credit experts at Divido and offer a wide range of finance options specifically for boilers, their supply and the costs of installation. The application process is quick and easy and applicants can get an answer within around 30 seconds from a variety of lenders. This allows prospective borrowers to explore the options available in detail and avoid having to shop around.

Get in touch with us today to find out about our boiler finance packages and how we can help you get the boiler you need that will keep your property well heated and will last you for decades to come.


Boiler Finance Options

Our engineers and experts have decades of experience in supplying and fitting all range of boilers from combination, to sealed system boilers. We have extensive experience and expertise in the needs and requirements of customers in all nature of properties throughout South London and the Kent area.

Rather than having to lay out the large sum required outright, to cover the costs of boiler supply and fitting, the finance available allows you to repay in instalments with low interest repayments over a period to suit you and your financial ability. There are however a number of options you may consider when it comes to getting a new boiler and having fitted in your property.

Short Term Loans – Banks and traditional lenders are very unlikely to lend to borrowers simply to get a new boiler in their property unless it will lead to increased return, for example in the case of a buy-to-let property. Therefore, alternative lenders who offer short term finance options and payday loans are often used to cover the costs of a new boiler. Whilst it is fairly easy to secure a loan from these lenders, the repayments are expensive and missing a payment incurs hefty penalties that can lead to a spiral of debt.

Family and Friends – This is the ideal source of a loan. Typically, borrowing from friends and family will mean that there will be very little if any interest to pay and the terms of repayment will be friendlier and more flexible. Before considering how much you will need to borrow though, you should consider if any friends or family members can comfortably afford to lend you thousands of pounds. However, a big drawback of this source of funding is that it can lead to arguments and disagreements amongst friends and family which is undesirable. Moreover, many people prefer to keep friends, family and money separate.


Boiler Finance Schemes

Boiler finance schemes such as those offered by the lenders you can borrow from through our finance packages has a number of advantages over other sources of funding.

More Manageable – Everything is explained to you and you will receive an agreement and contract clearly laying out the terms of the loan, repayment terms and time frames for when you need to repay instalments.

Coming to the Experts – All of the lenders we work with are experts in the field of boiler finance and are able to tailor packages to this very specific offering. Unlike other lenders that will base the loan amount and repayments on how much you are borrowing, bespoke lenders will take your need for a new boiler into account too, making for a more comfortable arrangement.

Accurate Assessments – As part of the process and very early on in the application process, a Gas Safe engineer will visit your property and will make a detailed assessment to ensure you only borrow what you need to and that the loan you receive is specific to your needs and those of your property when it comes to a new boiler.


Reducing the Costs of a New Boiler

Repairs for boilers can cost anywhere from £100 for small fixes to many hundreds of pounds for more complicated works (read more about our repair services). If your boiler constantly needs repairing and servicing, the amounts you pay will soon add up to more than the cost of a brand new, modern boiler system in your property.

In addition, it isn’t always possible to lay out £2,000 or more to get the new boiler and installation that is needed. By securing finance through our partner, Diviso, you won’t pay a penny more than you need to and the cost of using Diviso’s service is covered by the lenders taking the burden off your shoulders. You will also avoid the huge interest charged by short term lenders, sometimes as much as 1,000% APR.

Our interest rates are as low as 9.9%; significantly less than other lenders. For example, if you take out a boiler finance package to cover the costs of a boiler and its installation costing £1,700, you would repay the finance in the following way:

  • £850 deposit (50%) paid to Gas Safe
  • Apply to borrow £1,700 to cover the full cost
  • Borrow over 60 months (5 years) at 9.9% APR
  • Total repayable: £1,920.53
  • Customer credit cost over 5 years = £220.53 (£44.11 per year)

Get in Touch for Bespoke Boiler Finance Packages

To find out more about our boiler finance options and how you and your property could benefit from a new boiler, sensibly and affordably financed, get in touch with our team today. We will ensure you understand every aspect of the process and receive the best finance package available, benefiting you and your property for many years to come.

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