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  • What is Air Conditioning?

    Indoor Unit

    In giving a brief overview of air conditioning, it can be broken down into these principal areas:

      A fan blows the hot indoor air over a heat exchanging coil through which cold refrigerant flows. The cold refrigerant absorbs the heat from the air and cooled air is blown into the room.
      The refrigerant circulates through the units and the piping and takes the heat from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit.
      Through compression, the refrigerant gas is heated and its boiling point increases. In the outdoor unit the heat obtained through compression is released to the outdoor air by means of a fan which blows the outdoor air over a heat exchanging coil.
      The liquid refrigerant flows back to the indoor unit.


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  • Domestic Air Conditioning

    Understandably, the home is where one can retreat to relax following the hustle and bustle of everyday life – this relies on your home environment being conducive for relaxation. So excessive temperatures, be it too hot or too cold, are simply not comfortable. Gas Safe offer domestic air conditioning for homes to make life a little more pleasant and relaxing.

    From the moment you contact us for your FREE quote and consultation, it will be abundantly clear that we are committed to providing you with the right temperature controlling solutions in a customer-focussed, friendly and highly knowledgeable way. Our qualified experts understand domestic needs and limitations and have a detailed knowledge of a range of systems and solutions, so the advice you get is full and specific to your home. This enables us to produce an air conditioning system design that works in harmony with the structure of your home and the patterns of its usage. Whether you need a well-ventilated domestic recreational space or a domestic work space, Gas Safe will tailor products to suit your home.

  • Air Conditioning Services

    Keep the air you breath Clean and Fresh

  • Air Conditioning Service

    Our engineers are trained to be able to perform the routine maintenance of your system and can repair any make or model of air conditioning unit.

  • Air Conditioning Installation

    We make sure to use only the top technologies when installing a new air conditioning system to ensure maximum comfort and ease of use for you and your family.

  • Air Conditioning Maintenance

    We make sure to use only the top technologies when installing a new air conditioning system to ensure maximum comfort and ease of use for you and your family.

  • Service, maintenance and repair


    Is your commercial air conditioning unit not working properly? Gas Safe are also able to maintain all the leading air conditioning manufacturers’ equipment at very competitive rates. Whether it just needs a small fix or a large repair, our engineers will offer the best advice and provide you with the best possible solution.


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