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    • Combination Boilers

      A combination boiler instantaneously heats water on demand straight to your taps, saving you time, money and gas energy. All components for heating and hot water are contained within the one appliance. A standard 25 kilowatt output combination boiler is suitable for up to 12 radiators in a property with one bathroom. For larger properties, there are larger output combination boilers that are designed to handle up to two bathrooms and a W/C. Combination boilers are a great boiler choice if you need to free up space in an airing cupboard by removing the cylinder. One of the benefits is that the property will have all its water outlets direct from the cold mains, and therefor no risks involved in storing water in the loft to fill a cylinder.

    • Regular Boilers

      For a large family that uses a lot of hot water then you could install a regular boiler in conjunction with a hot water cylinder. Regular boilers can be installed anywhere throughout the property, but they have a separate cylinder and controls which are usually housed in an airing cupboard, however lots of people are putting the boiler and the cylinder in the loft these days to create extra space. One benefit to having this type of system is that if the boiler were to break down, the hot water cylinder can be heated by an immersion heater if this is a) fitted and b) connected to the electricity supply.

    • System Boilers

      A system boiler is like a regular boiler but it is designed to be installed on a pressurised system without a feed and expansion tank in the loft. The system boiler also incorporates its own pump, an expansion vessel, and a pressure relief valve. These boilers are larger in dimension to regular boilers, and to provide hot water a cylinder will also be required on the system that can be heated by the system boiler.

    • Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

      Unvented cylinders are supplied directly from the cold water mains, therefor stamping out issues with water pressures that can affect tank fed cylinders. Another advantage of the unvented cylinder is that they have very fast re-heat times, 30 minutes or so, and they are very well insulated.  A full tank of hot water heated to 65 degrees C, will remain hot enough for a shower or bath for at least 12 hours.

  • What happens before we decide to have a new appliance?

    • A professional survey will be carried out by one of our experienced engineers at your home/office.
    • You will receive a no-obligations quote for the work by email
    • Our office team will liaise with you on preferred dates and times to carry out the work to fit your schedule.
    • A deposit will be taken for the work to be carried out.
  • What happens on the day of installation?
    • Our engineer will arrive during the allocated appointment slot given to you on booking.
    • You will recognise us in our sign written van, in full Gas Safe uniform and with an identity card.
    • We will put down dust sheets in all areas we work, we take pride in keeping your property clean and tidy
    • Engineers will keep you in the loop throughout the process, including any disruptions to your regular services
    • We will estimate the time it should take to complete the job, of course we will work around your schedule.
    • The installation will take place with the minimum amount of disruption.
    • On completion we will demonstrate the workings of the appliance and go through any further instructions required.
  • What happens after?
    • All controls will be explained to you, leaving you in full control of your home.
    • We complete the warranty and registration documents on your behalf, so rest assured.
    • The engineer will leave a clean and clear working area, as found on arrival.
    • You will be able to relax in your home in the same condition as you found it.
    • We will send annual reminders for the regular servicing to keep your appliance working safely and kept in warranty.
  • What our clients say
    • A great service. They started and finished on time. They are a great local company based in Bromley. Their price was very competitive and I would recommend them to my friends and family.

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      Denis RobertsonCustomer
    • I am a landlord , and I needed a new boiler and heating system urgently in one of my rented properties. Gas Safe got the job done in no time and exceeded my expectations.

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      Vernon Simpson
    • 100% peace of mind
    • Fair pricing
  • You might need us when
    • Current boiling is breaking down regularly
    • Looking at a home extension
    • Looking at a loft extension
    • Moving into a new home
    • Having refurbishments done
    • We're a great fit for OR... FAQs????
      • How long will my boiler installation take?

        Our engineer will normally be able to estimate the time it should take to complete the job on the survey. As a rule of thumb, a combination boiler swap would take a day, a boiler and cylinder conversion to combination boiler approximately 3 days.

      • How long will my water be turned off for?

        Our Engineers can minimise the time that the water is off, generally just for a couple of hours, but if you need water throughout the day, please inform the engineer, as its likely we can have it switched off for only 5 minutes at a time.

      • How long will my warranty last on my new boiler?

        We provide quotations for various manufacturers, our preferred choice is Vaillant, and if you choose one of their premium appliances with a Vaillant filter, we can arrange a 10 year manufacturers warranty on the appliance. Most warranties start from 2 years, we can give you all this information during the survey.

      • I am a very environmentally conscious person, how can you help me?

        We at Gas Safe are always looking at new ways to provide very efficient heating and hot water systems. We only install Band A efficient boilers, we offer a range of controls so that you can individually heat the rooms that you require at the time. We will educate you on the best ways to save energy whilst being at home in a comfortable environment. We recycle 80% of the waste that we produce during installation, and we are working on ways to improve this further.

      • Do you get rid of all the rubbish

        Our engineers will remove all of the waste including the old appliances and radiators from the installation unless otherwise agreed.

    • Some useful statistics
      • 1 in 9 boilers

        1 in 9 boilers inspected by the Gas Safe register are found to be unsafe!!

      • 61%

        61% of British households did not have their boiler serviced in the last 12 months

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