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  • What an Annual Boiler Service includes

    What an Annual Boiler Service includes

    An annual boiler service looks at a variety of factors involving your boiler and its workings and we routinely carry out all the essential criteria to ensure its smooth running. Every relevant aspect of the boiler needs to be paid attention to.

    All of our engineers are qualified gas engineers and will work to ensure the healthy running of your boiler to ensure its service to you, your family, any tenants and your property for many years to come.

    For the service, the engineer will make an initial visual assessment. From there they will begin paying close attention to the moving parts that require regular cleaning or maintenance. We clean any magnetic filter connected on the system. We refill pressurised systems to the correct pressure and finally bleed the radiators if required.

  • Boiler Services by Gas Safe

    Our services routinely include:

    The Gas Safe way
    • Visual examination of the appliance and its flue to confirm that it is suitably located and installed in accordance will all relevant regulations
    • Checking and adjusting burner pressure and gas rates
    • Confirming that the appliance is capable of safe operation
    • Examination and testing of appliance, flue, safety devices, controls and components
    • Carry out a flue performance check and take readings of the CO and CO2 performance
    • Examination and cleaning of combustion chamber, fan, heat exchanger burner etc
    • We check the rest of the system for any defects whilst on a service call and address them to the customer.
    • Bleed all the radiators of air
    • Check that all radiators are in working order
    • A certificate to keep your boiler warranty validated
    • Annual email reminder so you won’t forget when the next service is due
  • Problems with Boilers

    Boilers provide the hot water and heating in our homes and they can be very complex.  When something goes wrong with the boiler, it can cause stress and inconvenience in our already very busy lives and schedules. If you are aware of a fault on your appliance or system, please inform our office when booking a service. A common boiler service will not rectify many faults, but is a tool to keeping the appliance in a safe and efficient working condition. if a problem exists on your appliance that prevents us from carrying out a service we will diagnose the issue before sending out a quote for the final repair. Once repaired we can then fully service the appliance to prolong the boilers life.

    Heating and Hot Water Faults
    Heating and Hot Water Faults
    Heating and Hot Water Faults

    There are numerous problems that can occur within a central heating system. Anything from a failed pump, a faulty circuit board or a blockage from sludge within the system can completely stop the boiler and system from working. Our engineers are fully trained to diagnose and repair all faults to leave you with hot running water and nice cosy radiators. Call our team on 02084643189 as soon as you think a fault may have occurred. Ignoring a noisy boiler, pump or a leak from the system could quickly leave you in the cold when you don’t expect it.

    Thermostat and Temperature Regulation
    Thermostat and Temperature Regulation
    Thermostat and Temperature Regulation

    Most properties will have a thermostat, or at least they should! Its purpose is to regulate the temperature of the property. smart thermostats are a great tool to save on heating bills and keep your home comfortable year round.  If you would like a smart thermostat to replace your existing, Gas Safe Heating & Plumbing Ltd can offer a wide range of solutions.

    Electrical Faults
    Electrical Faults
    Electrical Faults

    There is a very important electrical aspect to boilers and it is electricity that powers the components within. Should the electrics of the boiler fail, the boiler will not be able to perform properly and may either stop working or may only function at a lower level. One of the risks here is if there is an electrical fault, there could also be a risk of electrocution. Have one of our team check out any potential dangers within your system if your experiencing faults within your heating system.

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