Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

Helping Tenants to be Safe & Landlords to legal

  • CP12 Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

    Gas appliances in tenanted accommodation do, by law, require a Landlords gas certificate on an annual basis. Gas Safe Heating & Plumbing Ltd can provide a Landlords gas certificate for your appliances and give you a yearly reminder when the next inspection is due for renewal. We can also fully service the appliances whilst on site to keep the appliances running efficiently.

    For those Landlords that live far away, or our too busy to meet our engineer, we can arrange directly with your tenant a suitable date and time to carry out an inspection. We can also pick up master keys from a local source ie: an estate agent, or managing agent.

    Properties requiring a Landlords gas certificate are those that are occupied for residential purposes and covered by licence, tenancy agreement for a set time period, or a lease, this includes a lease under a term of 7 years including rooms to let in bedsit accommodation, bed and breakfast premises, private households, rented holiday homes including chalets, flats, narrow boats on inland waterways) and caravans if they are hired.

    Managing agents may be used however, responsibility for ensuring that Landlords gas certificates are carried out and recorded accurately needs to be clearly defined.

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